S is for Sea Turtle

sea turtle

Here is part 2 of my creative writing challenge. This time I’m writing about a Sea Turtle. I chose Sea Turtle because they are calm, easy-going, and peaceful creatures. There are seven different types of sea turtle, but I have chosen the Loggerhead sea turtle

S is for Sea Turtle
Photo by Derek Oyen on Unsplash

It’s another day, and I have to carry on swimming to reach my birth spot in time for mating season. Oh, hi, I’m Sammy, the sea turtle, and the reason I’m heading back to my birth spot to mate because when we sea turtles mate, we do it where we were born. All of this usually takes a whole year, and we swim around all the oceans to get there.

Before I start heading off again, I need a good breakfast that will at least fill me up until I get to my next place to stop in Japan. I think I’m going to have some kelp and seaweed. It’s not my favourite, but my elders always said healthy is better than unhealthy. Oh well, here goes . . . . yuck that wasn’t great, but I guess I better keep going If I want to get there early.

As I swim along, I pass some Moray Eels, Clownfish, and my friend Becky, the Blue Tang. Becky and I talked a lot about all the things she has been doing since we last saw each other and how she had heard about an Angelfish that had recently died. It turns out they had swum into a raft of plastic that the humans had thrown away. They had mistaken a piece of plastic bag for some seaweed and choked on it.

Becky gave me a warning that if I see a large mass floating above me to not swim towards it. She stayed with me till Papua New Guinea, which is 231 miles from Japan and then I can finally rest hooray.

coral reef
Photo by Ljupco Dzambazovski on Unsplash

Let’s go. It’s the last stretch before Japan. Another 16 miles, and then I can chill and get some crabs, my favourite (I think I deserve some). I can’t wait to sleep. After that, I still have another 3407 miles to go.

As I settle down for the night in a little coral reef full of other sea turtles (perhaps one of them will be my mate). I wonder what my mate will be like. Will she be the same type as me? Will she be born on the same beach as me? Oh, this is so exciting. I can’t wait to meet them and start the next chapter of my life.

This is me saying hello to a Sea Turtle at a Sea Life Centre. This Turtle was found in a ladies handbag in airport when she was trying to sneak him out of the country!!

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