K is for Koala

Photo by Vish K on Unsplash

The picture above is showing Kevin he’s a grey, koala bear,from Australia.

This is Kevin’s story.

Kevin is a 6 year old koala from the eucalyptus trees of Australia. He is virtually tailless, with a stout grey body and a pale yellow/cream-coloured chest. The face is wide and he has a small leathery nose, small yellow eyes and large fluffy ears. His feet and claws are strong and great for climbing. Kevin has been raised in captivity for the last 6 years because of the amount of koalas that have been killed for there fur in the wild. His sister Katie has also been raised in captivity with him. At night because they are still young they cuddle together.

Photo by Adrian Pereira on Unsplash

Anyway at the zoo the two koalas rest in the sun most days and on a Friday, Sunday and Wednesday the trainers and keepers walk round the zoo with me and children, adults stroke Kevin or take pictures with him. The thing he likes the most is tummy rubs when people do that he stretches his legs and arms out and yaws in a super cute way.

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