R is for Robin – A Creative Writing Challenge

R is for Robin

I have been challenged to do a series of creative writing pieces about different animals and life from their perspective. The first animal I have been given is R is for Robin.

R is for Robin

R is for Robin creative writing

This morning as the sun rose and we birds began to wake up from our slumber, I heard the deep voice of a man in my head. He told me not to be alarmed, his name was Harry, and he wanted to borrow me for a little while. He said that he used to be a human, but he had passed into the spirit world and wanted to see how some of his Grandchildren were doing. Harry appeared to be friendly, so I was happy to help him out.

Harry asked me to fly to a nearby tree. As I waited, he told me all about his Grandchildren; he said that the humans had been placed into something called ‘lockdown’ because of a nasty virus hurting humankind. He said the small humans could not go to ‘school’ whatever that was? He said they had to stay at home with their Mums and Dads and were only allowed to leave their house once a day for exercise.

As we sat chatting, we heard laughter approaching. Harry said, “here they come”. I saw three small humans and one big one; he said it was their Mum. They were doing something humans call ‘running’, so I flew from tree to fence and fence to wire to keep up with them. The human girl spotted me first and said, “I think that Robin is following us”. The larger human boy said, “maybe it’s Grandad,” which seemed to make them all, and Harry, very happy. We stayed with them for a while until I couldn’t hear Harry any longer. The humans all returned home, and I was alone again.


All that flying around made me hungry; I decided not to fly any longer and look for the nearest bird feeder or berry bush. Luckily for me, the nearest was only two gardens away, and it was my favourite blueberries and seeds (yum). I was so busy eating. I didn’t realise the sun was going down. It must be getting late, so it was time for me to find my flock so that we could all shelter for the night in our nests low to the ground in a large garden hedge away from nasty predators.

As I drifted off to sleep, I felt happy that I brought joy to Harry and his Grandchildren, I wondered if I might hear from Harry again one day?

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  • nannylyn

    01/03/2021 at 7:18 pm

    That made me cry Lillie 😢

    1. beanthere

      02/03/2021 at 3:59 pm

      thank you for reading I’m sorry it made you cry

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