My essential day of home school.

home school

We are now in our third lockdown in the UK and the schools are closed for the second time in a year which means my brothers and I are at home being educated remotely by schools with the help of our parents. Today I am going to share with you a typical homeschool day.

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First half of the day

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In the morning I’m sluggish, so my dad tells me to wake up . . . I don’t set alarms.

After finally waking up I go downstairs to the kitchen and make myself some hazelnut chocolate toast and a vitamin, I normally watch a few TikToks whilst doing this.

After breakfast, I head upstairs to get ready for the day and then check Microsoft teams to see if I have been set any work by my teachers. At around 9 am, I have my first live lesson, our school changed the timetable to double periods so we only have three topics per day. The live session normally lasts up to an hour, and sometimes I take a break in between lessons to get a snack and a drink.

Lunch 🙂

Around 12 pm I usually stop for some lunch and help my Mum and Dad by preparing lunch for my brothers too so that my Mum and Dad can get on with some work. After eating, I take a 20min break to chill before the next class begins.

During my chill time, I have been reading Eve of Man by Tom Fletcher and Giovanna Fletcher, if I’m not reading, I am playing with my dogs or board games with my brothers.

Second half of the day

My last class of the day begins around 1 pm and can sometimes last less than an hour. If I finished early I help my brothers with their work if they need it to free up Mum and Dad.

I usually read some more of my book, help with house jobs, do crafts or baking. I have also started learning touch typing online with to help with my schoolwork and blogging. I might even write a blog like I’m doing now, but I always check my teams before clicking on the ‘X’ for that day.

What does your home-school day look like?

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  • nannylyn

    20/01/2021 at 9:38 pm

    Can I swap my day for yours please Lillie, it sounds much more fun xx

    1. beanthere

      25/01/2021 at 9:12 am

      lol thank you for reading I wish we could do that though. xxx

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    25/01/2021 at 12:36 pm

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