Among Us, have you played it?

Among Us

Among Us is a worldwide trending game available on Apple and Android which is great to do when you are a bit bored during a lockdown. It takes place in a space setting, a player gets given a role of either an imposter or a crewmate. the point of the game is to either kill everyone and win or finish all your tasks and claim victory.

Among Us, have you played it?

How to play Among us ?

Among Us

You must choose what you are going to do whether that is to make your own game, join another gam or join a private game with a code. If you choose to create a game then it will give you settings to select how many imposters and how many players. if you join another game then you don’t need to worry about settings as the person who has created the game will control it. In the bottom right-hand corner you have the option of places around the world you can join to, including Europe, North America and Asia.

Among Us Imposter rules

Among Us

For the role of Imposter, the point is to kill and sabotage every crewmate and win. I guess parents say it is bad to lie but if you are the imposter you have to because if you don’t then say goodbye to victory, The Impostors win when the number of Impostors is equal to the number of Crewmates, or if a sabotage countdown reaches zero.

Among Us Crewmates and Ghosts

Among Us

When you are a crewmate, it is your job to determine who the imposter is and complete all of your tasks to defeat the imposters. If you die as a crewmate and don’t choose to leave the game, then complete your tasks and still win. Tasks can include:

  • wires
  • med bay scan
  • download data
  • fule the engine
  • fix communications

It is different in each map but they are some of the main tasks.

Among Us Skin Customising

Among Us

If you pay a fee you can customise your character and get new skins and pets. The free game already includes some free skins such as colours and hats like the bandana and my character’s hat. But if you look at the picture, it shows another button called game. This is only for the person who set up the map.

Discussion Time

Among Us

At the end of a discussion about who or what the imposter has done there is a vote, and the crewmates choose to either vote a member they think is the imposter or skip and wait to continue. If the game continues, the crewmates go back to doing their tasks and the imposter fake tasks until there is a chance to kill another crew member. If someone is voted out, it comes up on the screen if they are an imposter or not. If they were an imposter, it would come up saying an imposter left the game or the game would end saying defeat or victory.

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